Foundations Classes

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am, we offer foundational classes on Biblical fundamentals and practical subjects.

Our classes are divided into three tracks: Christian Basics, Church History & Theology, and Christian Discipleship.

At the moment, we have three classes:

2022 Nov-Dec Foundations


Meeting with God - Being encouraged to pursue the basic, biblical disciplines of the Christian life.
Missions and ECCD - Highlighting the missions distinctives of ECCD as we strive to bring the gospel to the nations.
A Rewarding Marriage - Considering what faithful, biblical marriage looks like.


January 1 - February 5

Dig Deeper - Interpreting the Bible as instructed in the Bible.
The King Comes - Surveying the four Gospel accounts and the book of Acts.
A Rewarding Marriage - Considering what faithful, biblical marriage looks like.


February 12 - March 12

Membership Matters - Learning more about the church or intending to join.
Tough Questions - Considering five tough questions Christians face.
Hospitality - Growing together in our knowledge and practice of Biblical hospitality.


March 19 - April 30

Jump Start - Exploring the basics of the Christian life.
The Attributes of God - Exploring the attributes of God, His decrees, foreknowledge, mercy, and more.
The Gospel and Work - Considering how to be faithful and fruitful in the workplace.


May 7 - June 11

Guidance - Clearing away the confusion surrounding knowing and following the will of God.
The Early Church - Tracing the advance of the gospel through local churches from Acts 2 up to the Reformation.
Singleness and Dating - Learning how to honor the Lord in both singleness and dating relationships.


June 18 - Aug 27

Fear of Man - Exposing the fear of man and calling us to fear God rather than people.
Biblical Theology - Teaching us to see the unfolding plan of God’s redemption of mankind throughout Scripture.
Discipling - Growing in obedience to Christ’s great commission in the context of our local church.